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Mimaki TS30 - 1300

Mimaki TS30-1300 is a low entry model finishing that is most suitable for production in low volume or ordered items such as clothing or fabric material prototypes. With a print speed of up to 20 meters per hour, this printer from Sakura is intended for quick and easy design printing, especially since it is equipped with RasterLink6 software, so novice users will not have any difficulties in operating it. 

Easy to operate

• By displaying only the functions that have been selected, making this printer easy to operate. Even the first time users can use it comfortably

• Using a water-based and cost-effective Sb54 sublimation ink, this ink is compatible and offers high ink flow stability, resulting in beautiful printing

Print in a short time

• 4-color ink set offers printing speeds of up to 19.6 m2 / hour (4-color / draft / 540 × 720 dpi / 2 pass mode)

Printers with sublimation transfer capabilities have the advantage of improving product presentation capabilities as outlined in the following explanation:

1) Making clothing samples

Polyester fabrics are now widely used in the textile and apparel industry. With TS30-1300, you can print original full-color images not only on clothing but also on items such as bags, scarves, tights, and socks. Design with variables, such as player numbers and names on sports uniforms, can also be printed easily just by editing data.

2) Printing to order

Images can be printed on banners, towels, T-shirts, polyester handkerchiefs, mouse pads, neck straps, pillows, etc. Besides that, also on polyester-coated mugs, glasses, coasters, etc. With one printer, you can create many items that can be customized so that business opportunities are increasingly wide open.

3) Apply fluorescent ink

• Design options become wider with neon colors.

• Graphic design and photographic images will stand out with neon color prints.

Get more information about Mimaki TS30-1300 by contacting Halo Astragraphia in numbers 1500-345 every Monday - Friday, during business hours (06.00 - 18.00 WIB).


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