Create an Agile Workplace for a Better Digital Work Environment

Agile Workplace

Astragraphia Document Solution - With the rise of digital transformation, we are starting to often hear the term "Agile Workplace". The word Agile itself comes from the Latin "agere / agilis" which means the ability to think and act quickly and intelligently. Taking its cue from the new day's office* blog, Agile Workplace is an agile workplace, a space designed for maximum flexibility. The company empowers employees to choose how to work, where, and when and provides employees with all the technology and tools they need. So that the design of an agile workspace is not only a good physical space but there is a working system design concept of both hardware and software that is integrated to produce higher productivity both in quantity and quality of work. From all this, companies begin to enter the digital ecosystem of your work environment, or we call it the “Future of Work”.

In line with the laws of nature, humans are social creatures that require interaction with one another. However, with the agile workspace, there is an increased urge to work flexibly so that the physical workplace will not be lost, but the design will be adjusted, and working together both offline and online will be increasingly important for workers. Technology becomes a significant driver of a digital ecosystem in your work environment. Quoting an article from FUJIFILM Business Innovation “The fourth industrial revolution fueled by concepts such as artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT) will influence the way we do our work.”**

Gartner estimates that 1 in 5 workers who perform routine tasks will rely on AI technology to get the job done. But machines will not replace humans, on the contrary humans and machines will collaborate to create added value for both businesses and consumers.

Processes and Solutions in creating Future of Work

To create a digital ecosystem in your work environment, of course, requires a process that is not short and requires coordination from top to bottom. You need experts in designing a work environment that is able to adapt to your needs, providing integrated and well-integrated solutions. Here are some of the solutions you can start to create Future of Work in your work environment.

1. Integrated solution (end-to-end solution)

We assist you in designing document processing solutions, starting from documents printed by multifunction devices to documents being stored in the system.

2. Scan and Print to Cloud Storage

Currently, we are familiar with Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive) as a means of storing cloud-based documents. The Astragraphia team can customize which Cloud Storage suits your work environment.

3. Digital Signing with DocuSign

If you have a need for an approval process from your boss or from a vendor but are hampered by physical limitations, you can use a digital signature solution we call Docusign so that the approval process can run faster and safer.

4. Document Management System (DMS)

In this era of integration between hardware and software, DMS is the answer as an integrated document storage media solution that can be accessed together within an organization. DMS reduces human error and difficulty in finding important company documents.




After getting an explanation from the article above, we invite you to be able to do the free consultation about "More Than Just Your Business Potential" and find out alternative document solutions that are right for your work environment to achieve a much better Future of Work.


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