Astragraphia Is Not Just A Marketer

Service Workflow

For ordinary people, maybe many don't know if Astragraphia doesn't only sell Fuji Xerox machines. As an exclusive distributor, Astragraphia provides after-sales service for customers.

Back in 2015, Astragraphia designed a service innovation called 3HDT (3 Hours Down Time). 3HDT is a service to support the EDS (Enterprise Document Solution) business portfolio. Through this service, Astragraphia promises customers to repair multifunctional devices that have problems within three hours of receiving reports from customers.

Why was innovation chosen in this area? In the business of document solutions, the functioning of a multifunction machine is a critical area. When the device is damaged, the customer's activity related to the document becomes disturbed. They need the certainty of quick repairs. The 3HDT service addresses this problem.

Based on a survey conducted by Astragraphia, information was obtained that customer expectations of repair time were 5 hours. Meanwhile, competitors generally promise response times in 3 hours. This means that the technician who corrects the damage to the machine will come to the customer's site 3 hours after being contacted, not including the time to repair the machine.

Through the 3HDT program, Astragraphia is committed to providing guarantees within three hours of receiving reports from customers. Why 3 hours? Based on the study, after receiving damage reports from customers, the call center takes 5 to 10 minutes to contact the technician. Technicians who receive orders make an initial diagnosis and order spare parts within 20 minutes. Then the technician to the customer takes about 1 hour. To make a simple repair, it only takes 30 minutes. However, if the repair is complex and requires additional spare parts sent from the service point, it takes 1 hour. So the total time needed is 3 hours.

The 3HDT service mechanism is as follows:

• Customers report a disturbance to the Call Center

• The Call Center records in a system that will display on a dashboard while distributing order services to all customer engineers.

• The Command Center monitors the dashboard to ensure all service orders are distributed to technicians.

• The Call Center informs the customer of the estimated time of arrival and completion of the engine repairs.

• Technicians who receive service orders make an initial diagnosis of the problem, and order spare parts needed.

• The technician goes to the customer's place. If technicians depart from the service point, they will bring the spare parts needed. If the technician is not in the service point, the spare part is sent from the service point to the place where the customer uses the Speedy Delivery service.

• Technicians carry out further diagnoses at the customer's premises and order additional spare parts to service points when needed.

• Technicians make repairs and report all activities carried out to the Command Center through the application.

• Command Center conducts phone call surveys to customers. The survey results serve as feedback for improving service quality.

The design of this innovation seems simple, but the execution is not easy. First, Astragraphia must have adequate human resources in terms of number and competence. To run this program, Astragraphia has around 280 technicians, who are ready to make improvements from 50000 customer machines throughout Indonesia.


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