Mimaki TS30-1300

Mimaki TS30-1300

Entry Model Sublimation Transfer inkjet Printer

An easy-to-operate, worry-free entry model

This entry model sublimation transfer printer is equipped with only a carefully selected set of features, making it simple to use without any hassle. The printer is bundled with Mimaki's official RasterLink6 RIP software, enabling you to start printing immediately after installation. It uses Mimaki's Sb54 ink, which offers stable ink ejection thanks to its resistance to settling. Even users who are operating a sublimation transfer printer for the first time can handle the TS30-1300 with ease.

Print as much as you need of whatever you need, whenever you need it

The TS30-1300 allows you bring production of high-mix, low-volume print projects in-house, such as textiles or sports apparel prototyping, or the creation of customized goods. Performing printing jobs such as these in-house rather than outsourcing reduces the lead time of sample delivery to the client. Additionally, when the client requests a change in the design, the new design can be printed and delivered immediately, without waiting up to several days for a subcontractor to handle it. The TS30-1300 can add impact to your proposals and bring new business opportunities.


All Specifications
Mimaki TS30-1300
Resolution 540 , 720 , 1080dpi
Drop size Minimum 4pl Maximum 14pl
Head height 2mm / 3mm / 4mm / 5mm ※Please ask technician to adjust
Ink type Sublimation transfer ink :Sb54
Ink color 4color(BLT, MT, YT, KT) / 6color(BLT, MT, YT, KT, LBLT, LMT)
Ink capacity 2L ink pack
Roll diamete 180mm or less
Core diameter 2 inch / 3 inch
Max. media width 1,371mm (Maximum printable width:1,361mm)
Media thickness 1mm or less
Media weight 25kg or less
Cutter Include
Dimensions 2,289mm (W) x 739mm (D) x 1,424mm (H)
Weight 145kg
Power supply Single phase AC100~120V ±10%, AC220~240V ±10%, 50/60Hz±1Hz 15A or less
Power consumption 300W or less
Interface Print date transmission: USB2.0 Hispeed
Certifications VCCI classA / UL60950-1 / FCC classA /CE marking(EMC, Low voltage)/CB report