The Implementation of Astragraphia’s Solution for Notary and Land Acquisition Official: Dr. Asril, SH, MH

Notary Profession

Notary Profession which is also commonly associated with the profession of Land Acquisition Official (PPAT) received a challenge from the government through the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial / National Land Agency to print 7 million land certificates or increase 40% from 5 million certificates in 2017.

Unfortunately, the process of making the deed and other documents related to the need for notarization and PPAT still often get complaints because the process is very long and time-consuming. As a leader in document solutions, Astragraphia presents printing and electronic-filing solutions for Notary and PPAT that are easy to use and can improve the time and cost efficiency.

This time, one of Astragraphia's customers, notary and land titles registrar’s office, Dr. Asril, SH. MH, who is domiciled in Bandung, shared his experience when using devices and solutions from Astragraphia. Previously, the management of documents in the office was done manually one by one, the transfer of soft copy documents was also done by copying files on the flash disk to be shared with other colleagues.

Astragraphia Document Solution Bandung provides special solutions for Notaries and LAO. The following is the solution given by Astragraphia which of course can be applied by every Notary and LAO profession throughout Indonesia.

1. Double Sided Print Automatically

All multifunction printing devices from Fuji Xerox already have the DADF (Duplex Automatic Document Feeder) standard so users can print and copy both sides of paper automatically.

2. Booklet Printing Solution

Fuji Xerox Booklet Printing is an excellent feature and is needed for workers, especially notaries and LAO. Users only need a few clicks to do a simple setting in the "Print Properties" section, then the Booklet Printing checklist. More information about the Printing Booklet Tips can be seen in the following youtube video link:

3. The Best Print Solution with Original Toner

Using original toner will, of course, have an impact on the print and the durability of the machine to remain excellent. Astragraphia as the exclusive distributor of Fuji Xerox brand in Indonesia, in addition to market Fuji Xerox products, we also sell original spare parts and materials from Fuji Xerox. The quality of Fuji Xerox toner from the past until now is known as the quality of prints that can last a long time, not fade even if exposed to water. This is the key value for notaries and PPAT where they have to maintain good deeds, letters and materials from the law of their clients for more than 10 years.

4. E-filling Solution

With Fuji Xerox machines plus e-filling solutions using Docuworks software makes print and document sharing work much faster and integrated between employees. Users no longer need to share documents using flash or e-mail, but with Docuworks 8, document sharing can be easier, concise, and faster.

Since the automatic and connected all-document Astragraphia solution was implemented, the work became more efficient and effective.

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