SURYA PRINT - Grogol, Iridesse's first Print Shop in Jakarta

Surya Printing, is the name of a printing company in Grogol which is owned by Mr. Ir. Kirjanto Sudarmawan, a man born in Jombang, March 27, 1958. He is a graduate of the Trisakti University Civil Engineering. On this occasion, he told me about the business history he is currently running, of course printing.

Can you share the background story of your company?

SURYA PRINTING is a photocopy, binding, digital printing, and graphics service company (Trodat Centre). It was established since 1978.

The beginning of this company was very simple. It started with a few photocopy machines to provide customers from college students to employees. As time goes by, Surya Printing grew into digital printing business with several new machines added to complete the service. Currently, Surya Printing is not only provided photocopy service but also digital printing, laminating, to laser products.

Can you tell us more about your vision and mission?

Vision : Employee welfare, Surya Printing always innovate, evolve, and grow

Mission :
- Work.. work.. work.. be creative
- Develop a cooperative partnership with every vendor and customer
- Provide the best service

How’s the prospect and opportunity about the printing industry in your area?

According to our customers, sales situation in Grogol is good with the continued revenue growth despite the tough competition in the industry. Our customers are still loyal to Surya Printing. By providing the best service and shipping innovation with the new technologies, we can do the shipping and printing approval easier.

Market opportunity will continue to grow and the technology will develop to creative and packaging industry, the industry will move forward to the laser technology.

Is there any branch for every business fields?

We have not opened a new branch yet because we are still focusing on our store. Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers so that they can go back to us for their printing needs.

What are the printing and finishing machines that you already have?

C800Press, C1000iPress (Silver), Iridesse (White, Gold), D95, D110, Hp pagewide, Fmark graptec, HP DesignjetD5800 dan Oce Arizona480GT, etc.

How many employees in Surya Printing?

Currently, there are 25 employees in Surya Printing.

image 2 surya print testimony

What’s the reason behind choosing Fuji Xerox Color Iridesse machine?

The reason why I finally chose to invest in Iridesse is that this machine is the most sophisticated digital printing in the market. It has six colors in one process. This machine also has great flexibility. The two special toners can be changed into gold or silver color and if the next day there’s the customer that needs clear and white color toner, we can do that either. With that cool feature, I think Iridesse is the answer for many new opportunities that never happen in the market before. We are targeting the creative people like designers and SMEs that want to print in limited amount but with unique and good quality.

I can also see that this Iridesse machine can be used with a variety of paper types, from 50 gsm to 400 gsm. So it’s possible if the customer wants to print packaging. The paper color can also be varied – red, blue, black, metallic, sticker paper, mika laser, magnet paper and many more.

Not only investing in great machines, but we also think the service is very important, just like other prints with Fuji Xerox and Astragraphia. The Astragraphia technician is the internal employee of Astragraphia, not from a third party. That gives us security when our machines get problems. Astragraphia technicians will quickly help anytime we need. The toner and spare parts are also original from Fuji Xerox Japan.

The quality print is very important for us so that our customers are satisfied and come back to Surya Printing Grogol.

How about your opinion about the future of the printing industry trend?

I believe the printing industry will still grow. The public – especially the younger generation are very creative in making designs. Packaging industry will also grow rapidly because there are a lot of startups and SME’s in Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia. The photo players can also play a big role in album printing. Therefore I think the printing industry in Indonesia is still very healthy and will continue to grow.

Source: Printpack