Iridesse Successfully Improves PrimaGraphia Services


PrimaGraphia's long journey in the world of digital printing involves Astragraphia as an important part that contributes to the development of the business. As stated by Tan Herry Murianto, General Manager of PrimaGraphia, they started the film repro business in 2002. It was only in 2008 that they were engaged in the digital printing business.

PrimaGraphia has the vision to be number one in the digital printing industry in Indonesia. Their own mission is to become digital printing that can provide convenience, quality, service, and competitive prices for customers.

By targeting customers' retail needs, PrimaGraphia, which now has 8 branches, receives many benefits by using Iridesse machines. This production machine from Fuji Xerox has special features, namely gold, silver, and white with a print area that reaches 120 cm. The positive side for customers is that they have even more freedom to print logo designs, business cards, brochures, and various other print products with richer colors. Another thing that is also an advantage of Iridesse is the reliable print speed

Moreover, coupled with full support from Astragraphia, PrimaGraphia gets not only a qualified production class machine but also superior maintenance and services. The services provided by Astragraphia itself include training for the owner or person in charge of operating the Iridesse machine.

Muhammad Fauzi for example, as a toner operator at PrimaGraphia, received a series of training from Astragraphia regarding Iridesse machines, ranging from how to disassemble the machine, programming, to some technical problems that could occur.

The reality in the field proves that the Iridesse production machine is suitable for businesses and people working in the creative business, because it is the only printing press that has the ability to print six colors, including special colors like metallic with a single pass method, using an additional two Special dry ink in Gold, Silver, Clear and White with attractive print quality.