Document Plus Digital Printing: "I Want to Try Their Legendary After Sales Service"

Picture (1) Document Plus Astragraphia Document Solution

At this time, the editor conducted an exclusive interview with one of Astragraphia's loyal customers, namely Mr Agustinus Chandra, owner of one of the digital print shops in the Grogol area, West Jakarta. He starts his journey from an ordinary fotocopy business until become one of the well known print shops with One Stop Printing” motto for his customers. His journey to get into  digital printing business with the latest Fuji Xerox machine, Iridesse Production Press that he installed in early February 2019, will be told by him in the following interview.

Can you tell us the chronology or background of Document Plus which has been established for seven years?

"In the beginning, we were a photocopy business that started from one machine, and I was involved as a task director as well as technicians and operators. From there, I got an offer to start a business for selling photocopy machines. There is one of supermarket retail business that become our customer, we hold and handle all of their copy machines. After that, I began to switch to a printing broker, and finally, I switched my business from photocopy to printing. At first, we only served A4 printing, until one day I went to an exhibition and was given an offer by one of the brands to invest in their machines. They said that there were a lot of opportunities in this field, and I was interested in their offer and started investing with these machines. This is the beginning of my journey to develop as it is today. "

Can you describe the future vision and mission of Document Plus itself?

"Our vision and mission are to become one of the biggest print shops in Indonesia, especially Jakarta."

Do you think that the printing business in the Grogol area will continue to grow?

"In my opinion, the printing business in Grogol area itself will continue to grow, and it’s still growing right now. It can be seen from the increasing number of new players that join this business. And of course, I personally hope that these new players will automatically bring a bigger new market to the Grogol area itself.

With the increasing number of new players, is there any differences that differentiate Document Plus with other printing businesses?

"Basically, our difference with other printing businesses is our service. In terms of service, we continually support our customers and business partners by preparing our manpower maximally. All of our employees have been trained to work optimally and provide the best service. In addition, Document Plus also continues to invest in the best machinery so that our customers and business partners continue to get the best results.”

Picture (2) Document Plus Astragraphia Document Solution

In overall, how many A3 machines, digital printing, large format, and finishing that Document Plus has?

“For A3 machines and large formats machines we have 4 units for each machine, and we have 8 units for finishing machines. “

What are the newest machines that becomes the superior machines in Document Plus right now?

“The newest machine that has become our flagship at this time is the Iridesse Production Press from Fuji Xerox. This machine is Fuji Xerox's first 6-color machine with industrial capabilities. We have applied all the special colors available on this Iridesse machine both from Gold, Silver, White, and Clear (clear /transparent), even though Gold and Silver colors are still relatively rarely used. This machine is also easier in terms of operation compared to the other machines that we had and the results produced from this machine are certainly the best results.”

Is there any consideration so that at the end, you dare to invest in this Iridesse machine?

"One of our own considerations is that this machine was produced by Fuji Xerox. This company is well-known in term of printing and photocopying for a long time. And it's no longer a rumour that Fuji Xerox is the best in its field. Fuji Xerox always produces the highest quality machines. However, besides its quality, Fuji Xerox is also known for its after-sales service. Fuji Xerox is known for their good support, their fast service, and their spare parts that are always available. Since the broken spare part in the middle of hectic customers is our main problem, consequently, we also want to try Fuji Xerox's after-sales. In short, I want to try their legendary after sales."

From your point of view, what will become the trend in the printing industry in the future?

"I personally think that in the future the printing industry will be more focus on packaging and labelling due to the increasing number of MSME in online businesses, and we, Document Plus is ready with our best machines that we always invest in."