Printroom Services

Print Room & Distribution Management Services

Managing your printing requirements means managing your printed content – all your documents, which are a tangible public representation of your company. To make sure you protect and manage your brand, and your critical printed assets, you need to work with an expert in print room management and print distribution who will help you to enhance, and protect, that valuable asset – your brand.

Fuji Xerox boasts almost four decades of experience in managing print production centre’s, and we can help you streamline your document production, control costs, and develop and implement tailored and cost effective solutions for your print management, to suit your business.

Business Challenges

To drive customer loyalty and staff engagement today, business have to use communications as the driver, and the documents they print and distribute as the tool. Your documents are the collateral that fosters brand awareness and even more critically, brand loyalty, and delivers your corporate message and values consistently and unambiguously.

This means that you need an experienced print room management supplier to take care of your document production requirements, and to help you structure your information portfolio to satisfy corporate governance, security, sales, marketing, administration and accounting – and to help you better serve your customers. Your supplier can help ensure that your printed communications are effective, consistent and cost-efficient.

Our Solution

Fuji Xerox boasts more than 35 years’ experience in managing print production centre’s, and we can help you assess your document needs, and provide on-site expertise to facilitate your design and production requirements.

Choosing Pt Astra Graphia Tbk  as your print management supplier means that the documents that represent your core business communications are consistent with brand style guides for uniformity in size, colour and format, delivering a unified brand identity and message to your customers and supporting you in increasing customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Pt Astra Graphia Tbk  is committed to working with you to provide the most effective and efficient solution possible. At the same time as our document experts are maintaining a quality output, they will also investigate the most sustainable production methods to help you achieve your business goals, and at the same time minimize costs.

The range of our print management and distribution services encompasses virtually every aspect of your print production process, including managing necessary resources such as supplies, service and maintenance, technology support and staff requirements.

Business Benefits :

PT Astra Graphia Tbk can:

  • Be your document advisors
  • Analyze and develop the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your requirements, on your premises
  • Implement a tailored service that considers every aspect of your business’s ongoing operations
  • Maximize the consistency of all your printed documents in brand, design, colour and quality, with options for creating personalized communications
  • Streamline your document production using the latest technologies, ensuring quick turnaround
  • Be on-site for regular face-to-face briefings
  • Contain costs and minimize unforeseen risks
  • Provide complete accounting and administration records of all print
  • Maintain business security as information is contained on site
  • Deliver economies of scale


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