Imaging Services

So much of every business wealth of knowledge and expertise is tied up in its documentation. The demands of a mobile and flexible workplace require an effective process to capture, store, manage and access information in those documents.


Capturing information requires a documentation system that can handle documents in any format. Businesses without adequate systems can find processing paper based correspondence a labour intensive task, with greater potential for errors. Worse, without providing digital information businesses cannot move to flexible work environments or enable mobility, and servicing customers online becomes increasingly difficult.

For quality assurance and improved profitability, it is important to have documents which are easily accessible, delivering the right information quickly and accurately to those who need it.

Our Solution

Pt Astra Graphia Tbk has a team of people who truly understand the value of documents, and the most effective ways to look after them, from conception to long-term archival.

Our document management processes give you easy access to your library of documents, including invoices, application forms and technical documents. They assist you to share information with colleagues, store and retrieve them quickly when you want them, and archive them when they are no longer needed.

All these services are flexible, so they can be customized to suit your particular requirements. They are also scalable, so they can grow with your organization and continue to meet your needs.

And they are secure, so you can be certain that all your documents are safe in your own environment, at one of our state of the art processing centre’s, or a combination of both.


  • Improve the productivity of every department in your business by having important information immediately to hand, freeing up your staff’s time that would otherwise be spent looking for information.
  • Deliver improved customer satisfaction rates by increasing the speed of response rates to client and supplier inquiries.
  • Ready access to information cuts delays and inefficiencies in all your everyday transactions, improving your cash flow and cutting costs.
  • E-readiness by taking your valuable information into the digital world and enabling your business to service your customers and employees more effectively
  • Reduced risk by having the right documents always at hand, processed securely.
  • Save space through effective digital document archival, as well as time and money.



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