The Perseverance of  Agus Muhardi Opened a Printing Business in Bogor

Agus Muhardi

Agus Muhardi, born December 23, 1968, last graduated from Tarumanegara S1 graduated in 1987. He opened a photocopying and retail printing business in Bogor under the name OKE Print in 2009. Initially, he tried the photocopying and printing business. He started to rent a shop, on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Bogor. The first time, of course, the machine used is still very simple. Buy a used docucolor printing machine.

When the business started, Agus's mother has died. Agus could not bear to leave his father alone, because his father did not want to move, finally, Agus's family moved to the Air Mancur street, Bogor, starting in 2010. In Air Mancur, Agus ventured to buy a Fuji Xerox docucolor 8000, and C700 press machine.

In 2011, Agus was offered by Astragraphia, for the installation of the Fuji Xerox C1000 press. This machine was installed in early 2012. It turns out that with this machine, OK Print is increasingly able to meet the needs of the printing market in Bogor.

In terms of volume, the market in the city of Bogor is not that big yet. This is because the condition of the city of Bogor is not too far from Jakarta. Many brokers in Bogor already know the Kalibaru area, Central Jakarta. They always compare prices with prices there.

Agus Muhardi 2

The second branch in Cibinong actually came from its first business, the Ruko on Jalan Sudirman was no longer extended. Everything was transferred to the Cibinong branch. The old engine was changed to Fuji Xerox Docu 8000 color. The 3rd branch of OKE Print, namely on Pahlawan Street, Bondongan, Bogor. We already used the C800 press. The 4th branch is still in the Cibinong area. Agus also added a workshop not too far from his second branch. In 2014, we added two Fuji Xerox Versant 2100 Press machines. At the end of 2015, we added a Fuji Xerox color 1000i Press machine with a special silver color.

Agus Muhardi chose Astragraphia as the provider of its machines because as long as he was engaged in photocopying and printing, the difficulty of the printing player was machine maintenance and support. According to Agus, buying a machine is easy, but in the next process, when the engine starts there is trouble, there is a problem, the most important thing is support. So far, as Agus Muhardi knows, the best support is from Astragraphia.

Since they were founded in 1971, they have held the Xerox brand. In terms of human resources, Astragraphia has built infrastructure in it. He knew, there was a technical team that specialized in handling so many machines but also they made different divisions to handle it. Agus thinks when we build a printing business in Bogor, then we don't get good support, it will be very difficult. If you want business smoothly, sleep well, not bothered with the condition of the damaged machine, he must choose the right vendor partner. "I surveyed, especially we in the area, the choice fell on Astragraphia.

Incidentally, Astragraphia already has a depot in Bogor. I really experienced when I started my business, Astragraphia only had a depot and there were only two technicians, and that was only for office machines. When I put in the production machine, they started to prepare the production engineering team in Bogor. Astragraphia even added special production technicians to 3 people in Bogor. From all branches, OKE Print now has 20 units of machines and all of them are Fuji Xerox ", Agus Muhardi said.