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Smart Office Package

Astragraphia Document Solution - The acceleration and change of digital transformation will certainly change the way our processes work as well as the work environment itself. As we know, many companies still have to grapple with piles of paper documents and complicated manual processes. Effective and Efficient are two words that cannot be separated and become the main goals incorporate document management. In the Financing or Account Payable department of a company, there will certainly be a lot of documents. The file contains personnel documents, correspondence documents, archives which are important things that need to be managed properly. Account Payable is responsible for the company's financial obligations to vendors/suppliers.

A company that is growing is getting bigger, so its data management will also grow and become more complex. For this reason, productivity is an important concern and a benchmark for company performance. The development of technology which is getting faster every day also demands the company's performance to be better, so that the company's targets are achieved and not less competitive in the business world. But company productivity is also inseparable from the company's procedures for managing documents. When documents are not managed properly, the impact will affect the company's production process. The production process, which should have run smoothly and smoothly, was hampered by missing or damaged documents. What is the solution for implementing smarter offices?

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Know the concept of 3 (Three) -Way Matching

3-Way Matching is a procedure for matching invoices, PO (Purchase Order), and receipt reports (delivery notes) as well as vendor invoices to ensure complete and accurate payments are made. The purpose of three-way matching is to reduce the risk of fraud and financial loss from unauthorized purchases.

Smart Office Package

1. Purchase Order (PO) / Work Order (WO)

Purchase Order is an official confirmation document for an order sent from the buyer (company) to the vendor who authorizes the purchase. Purchase Orders generally contain the name of the company that purchased goods or services, date, date, description, and quantity of goods or services, price, mailing address, payment information, invoice address, and purchase order number.

2. Order receipt / Goods Receipt Slip (GR Slipt)

This document is proof of delivery and receipt of goods containing details of the goods sent to the buyer. The details are exactly what is in the delivery or order. Order receipts usually include the same information as the invoice/invoice, as well as the payment method.

3. Invoice 

An invoice is a list of consignments equipped with a description of the name, amount, price to be paid. In addition to containing details of the purchase, invoices are often used as a means of invoicing between sellers and buyers. The deadline required to make the payment stated in the invoice will usually be adjusted to the agreement on the purchase order.

The invoice is generally made in three copies, one for the buyer, the second is kept by the seller as a billing attachment, and the third is stored in the invoice book.

Before an invoice is submitted to the Treasury department to be paid, the Account Payable department must re-confirm the amount, price, and conditions to ensure that what is ordered (through a Purchase Order / Work Order) matches the items received (via GR Slip) in accordance with what was invoiced ( via Invoice / Invoice).

If a problem is found such as an inaccurate amount, wrong price, damaged goods, the wrong amount of VAT, and there is a problem in the tax invoice (if the vendor is a Taxable Entrepreneur), you should not process the invoice until the problems in billing have been fixed.

Astragraphia Document Solution invites you how the 3-Way Matching concept works which is usually done by the Finance / Accounting Department as follows:

1. Buyers place orders with suppliers. The POs are sent to the supplier based on the order placed.

2. Account Payable (AP) Department creates invoices based on PO.

3. Buyer receives invoices from supplier based on PO

4. Invoice details will be checked if the contents are in accordance with the PO. The inspection will be carried out through the invoice approval process (*)

5. The buyer acknowledges the acceptance report issued by the supplier as proof of payment and completion of the order.

6. If all the details in the three documents match, the invoice is approved, and payment is released.

If we look at the process above, for the 4th process (*) it is usually the pain point for the customer because the checking/matching process is done manually. Astragraphia Document Solution as the leading document solution in Indonesia introduces the Smart Office Package / Account Payable Automation solution.

Smart Office Package

With the Smart Office Package, we can manage important company documents more quickly, effectively, and efficiently. In this system, we can manage outgoing mail, incoming mail, and also company correspondence archives. Other facilities that can be utilized are tracking letters which can be more transparent, save costs and time normally used to print documents, and make finding letter documents easier. The following benefits will be obtained:

1. All related documents will be captured and stored in one folder according to the transaction number (invoice number / PO).

2. Users will get notifications every time the document is sent to DMS or the server.

3. Accounting can check the DMS to see whether the document is complete or not.

4. When you want to save a new document, from a multi-functional copier you can immediately search for the folder without having to save it on your PC first.

To find out more about the series of multifunctional printing machine products and Smart Office Package document management solutions from Astragraphia, you can contact the Business Consultant Team from Astragraphia or Halo Astragraphia at 1500-345 every Monday - Friday 08.00 - 17.00 WIB.



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