Print Attractive Envelopes in Your Company with the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 375 Series

Print Envelope Image: Astragraphia Document Solution's YouTube

Astragraphia Document Solution - Office equipment is an essential essence in documentary activities. One of them that is related to documents in an envelope. An envelope is a paper that is formed in such a way as to wrap or protect documents to be sent to the client or recipient. Typically, the envelope will contain the names of the sender and recipient to provide information regarding the document.

The use of envelopes has been around for a long time in society, but it is usually only plain because it only requires handwriting by the sender. However, in 1998, the United States Postal Service launched a machine which could perform printing on envelopes. This has become a revolution in digital printing technology considering that an envelope can be modified or personalized to the recipient. Not only that, this technology can enable companies to print business envelopes independently and provide additional information that complements the documents to be sent.

With this technology, the use of envelopes can be tailored to the needs of both formal and informal documents. Formally, you can make sender and recipient data more neat and clear on the envelope. On an informal basis, you can even include promotional or marketing content to attract the attention of the recipient. Then, are envelopes still appropriate to use in times like this? Why use envelopes instead of sending documents in person? An article entitled “5 Reasons the Importance of Envelope and Letterhead in Business Kit” from outlines the important points of the importance of envelopes for your business, namely:

1. Give a Professional Impression

Of course, a company that uses a logo or official information incomplete letter information will give a professional impression or impression in terms of the document.

2. Documentary Evidence from an Authorized Company

Not only does it give a professional impression, but the company can also provide proof of its credibility by displaying an existing official letter.

3. Provide Information or Document Purpose

Envelopes can also be used to provide comprehensive information to either the client or the person reading the letter. The existence of addresses, telephone numbers, official websites, and other aspects can facilitate the absorption of information to readers

4. Company Branding Method

Using envelopes is one way for companies to do positive branding to recipients and readers of the document, especially to readers or stakeholders from external to the company.

5. Company Promotion Facilities

Still discussing to external companies, envelopes can be used to attract the reader's eye to attractive offers from companies to readers.

How? You already know the importance of the envelope and its modifications for your documentary system. Of course, you need a smart multifunction printer to facilitate envelope printing activities. For that, Astragraphia Document Solution comes with its flagship printing machine, the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 375 Series. With easy operation, you can create attractive and personalized envelopes according to your needs.

On the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 375 Series multifunction printer, you only need to adjust your document according to the envelope you are going to use. After that, select print to print the document. Place the envelope in the printer tray with the envelope open. The printout will be out immediately and ready to use.

With the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 375 Series multifunction printer machine from Astragraphia Document Solution, you can print professional envelopes for your documentary needs. We hope that Astragraphia Document Solution can provide new ideas to improve your business performance.


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