Learn More about Fuji Xerox Photocopier Machine Before You Buy

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Learn More about Fuji Xerox Photocopier Machine Before You Buy

If you are considering to buy Fuji Xerox photocopier machine, these are useful guides to choose the right types of machine for your photocopy business or printing needs in your office.

Types of Machine

Other than a brand new Fuji Xerox photocopier machine, there are different types of photocopier machine available on the market. When planning to start photocopy business, it is wiser to consider the different types of machine to buy. Those types are:

  • Brand New Machine

For those of you who have a business venture or printing needs that are quite high, the performance of a new engine (Brand New) is one of the options that you can consider. Fuji Xerox's new machines such as printers and multifunction machines are available in several options to suit your needs and market segments.

  • Reconditioning (Used Machine)

Buying reconditioning or used Fuji Xerox photocopier machine is another option you can choose. A used machine is still in good condition and function optimally without any broken parts. It is actually a slightly better option than a refurbished machine. Price wise used machine is lower than the brand new one but still higher than a refurbished one.

There are important factors to consider when looking for Fuji Xerox photocopier machine to start a photocopy business. Those factors are including:

Features and Functions

Different models of Fuji Xerox photocopier machine may have different features and functions. Choosing the right model offering the features and functions you need would be the ideal way. The functions are varied from black and white print or color print. Some models offer multiple functions other than copy and print such as scan function, fax, etc.

Buy or Lease

Fuji Xerox photocopier machine comes with quite a price tag and it can be expensive depends on the model. It won’t be a big problem when you already have enough budget to cover the purchase. However, a new photocopy business requires a big budget to start the operation, not only the photocopier machine but also the supplies like copy paper and ink to employee’s wage. A huge amount of upfront expense can be really burdening. The next best option is to lease or rent the machine. There are several providers of used or refurbished photocopier machine offering you an opportunity to lease or to rent the machines with a very interesting arrangement.

Learn More about Fuji Xerox Photocopier Machine Before You Buy

Choosing the Right Fuji Xerox Photocopier Machine

These are important factors to consider before you buy a photocopier machine:

  • Printing Speed

Higher speed means the printing task will be completed faster and the faster the task completed, the more the customers will be satisfied. Different models may have different printing speed (print per minute). Be sure to choose the one with suitable speed.

  • Image Resolution

Image resolution is related to the printing quality. The higher the resolution, the printing result is clearer and sharper. It is highly recommended to do a printing trial to review the quality of the printing result. It is much better than relying solely on the specs information provided by the manufacturer.  

  • Scanning Speed

One of the common functions of the multifunctional photocopier machine is scan. If you are leading to choose multifunctional photocopier, it is also important to choose the one with solid scanning speed for either black and white or color document.

  • Paper Size

Last but not least, the paper size is also an important factor to determine which Fuji Xerox photocopier machine to buy. It is wiser to choose the model accommodating the most common paper size used by the customers in your area. Don’t forget, the bigger the paper size accommodated by a photocopier machine, the pricier the machine will be.

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