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If you hear the name Astragraphia, the thing that pops into your mind might be Fuji Xerox machines. This is not wrong, because it is one of the main business of Astragraphia – markets Fuji Xerox machine in Indonesia. However, the business portfolio of this company under Astra International Group is more than that. The business includes document solution, information & communication solution, and office services.

In Document Solution segment, Astragraphia has four business portfolio; Enterprise Document Solution, Graphic Communication Services, Printer Channel Business, and Smart Work Innovation

Enterprise Document Solution (EDS) of Astragraphia provides Fuji Xerox multi-functioned device, including the service and software for document management. The multifunction device can be used to print, copy, fax, digitalize documents, and other functions. The service that comes with MFD is a maintenance, print material (ink), and spare parts.

Graphic Communications Services (GCS) of Astragraphia provides high-quality printing machine including the services for a printing business. For information, Fuji Xerox technology allows the user to print in a variety of media, be it paper, cloth, ceramics, metal, wood, and others. The supporting service that Astragraphia provides is print management, ink supply, spare parts, and other services.

Printer Channel Business (PCB) of Astragraphia markets printer product, be it mono-function or multifunction and its ink. The difference between EDC, GCS, PCB, it doesn’t provide the service in one package.

Business Solution and Services industry is the business portfolio of Astragraphia that provides a comprehensive solution for end-to-end document management for companies by integrating it with other Astragraphia’s portfolio. In order to fulfill the solution needed by the customer, SWI translates those needs into Statement of Work (SOW) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is agreed with the customer. This project implementation is done with the Global Services Delivery Model standards. SWI technology is fully supported by Fuji Xerox as the principle that has service points all-over Indonesia.

Besides the Document Solution segment, Astragraphia has Information and Communication Solution service. This business segment including computing storage, client computing center, and network development. This business is managed by the subsidiary, PT Astragraphia Information Technology (AGIT).

Other than that, Astragraphia also provides a group of supporting services for office supplies provision and distribution. This business segment is managed by the subsidiary, PT Astragraphia Xprins Indonesia (AXI).

In 2015, Astragraphia designed a service innovation called 3HDT (3 Hours Down Time). 3HDT is the service to support EDS (Enterprise Document Solution) business portfolio. Through this support, Astragraphia promise to the customer to repair the multifunction device in 3 hours since the customer’s reporting time.

Why is this innovation chosen to this subject? In document solution business, the functioning multifunction device is in the critical area. When the machine is broken, the customer’s document-related activity will be disturbed. They need to make sure that the repair process will be done shortly. 3HDT service solves that problem.

According to the survey done by Astragraphia, customer’s expectation for repair time is 5 hours. Competitor mostly promotes response times in 3 hours. Meaning that the technician comes to the customer to repair 3 hours after the customer report, not including the repair process time.

Through 3HDT program, Astragraphia committed to guaranteeing the repair process in 3 hours. Why three hours? Based on the analysis, after receiving the call from a customer, call center needs 5 to 10 minutes to contact the technician. After that, the technician diagnoses the problems and order the spare parts in 20 minutes. Once the technician is ready, he goes to the customer in 1 hour. For simple repair, it will only take 30 minutes. However, if it’s a complex repair that needs additional spare parts from service point, it will take 1 hour. So, the total repair process will take 3 hours.

The mechanism for 3HDT are:

  1. The customer reports the problem to Call Center.
  2. Call Center takes note of the system that shows a dashboard to distribute the service order to the engineer.
  3. Command Center monitors dashboard to ensure the service order has distributed to the technician.
  4. Call Center informed the customer about the estimated time of technician arrival and the repair process.
  5. Technician receives the service order and diagnoses the problem, and order the spare parts needed.
  6. Technician goes to the customer. If the technician is not in the service point, the spare part will be sent from the service point to the customer’s place directly through Speedy Delivery.
  7. Technician checks the machine and order additional spare parts if needed.
  8. Technician does the repair process and report all activity to the Command Center through and application.
  9. Command Center do the phone call to the customer to survey. The survey result will become the feedback to improve the service quality.
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Execution is the Key

This innovation plan seems simple, but the execution is actually not easy. First, Astragraphia needs to have reliable resources, quantity, and quality wise. To run this program, Astragraphia has 280 technicians that are ready to repair more than 50.000 customer’s machine all-over Indonesia.

To increase the competition, Astragraphia committed to investing in training. For new machine service training, there will be the technician that go to Fuji Xerox HQ. Once they are skilled, they become the trainer for other technicians in Indonesia. Another big investment is in machine buying that will be taken apart for training.

In running 3HDT, Astragraphia always adopts information technology. In a day, they can receive 700 to 800 service calls all-over Indonesia. With information technology, all activities – from reporting service, repair process, and customer survey – are recorded and showed on a dashboard. The management and supervisor board can access the dashboard to monitor and manage the process.

For easier communication, every technician comes with a smartphone with the iSupport application. iSupport is a mobile application for communication between technical support team on real-time basis. Service order and the reports will be communicated through this application.


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