Workflow Optimization

Web to Print Solution

XMPie uStore

Create marketing web portals and Web-to-Print sites with uStore.

The XMPie Web-to-Print solutions offer uStore, a self-contained online environment that allows for sale of multiple product types, for both print and web.

A uStore system is able to host a number of unique, branded, e-commerce enabled stores. You can also build your proprietary Web-To-Print solution from scratch with PersonalEffect.

XMPie uStore enables print providers, creative agencies and corporate marketing departments to quickly build and deploy Web portals for ordering virtually any type of document.


  • Built on top of the XMPie uProduce server, a scalable template-management and document-composition platform, uStore is a single, turnkey solution that allows your company to manage an unlimited number of uniquely branded Web storefronts
  • Create and deploy sites right out-of-the-box, complete with integrated shopping cart, payment processing and shipping capabilities, or use XMPie’s APIs to create custom, digital storefronts.
  • Open the door to added revenue and growth by launching storefronts targeting new vertical markets.


  • Easy integration into current production workflow without causing any disruption
  • Set up unique branded stores for multiple internal or external customers, tailoring the pricing, preferences, permissions, design customization and print parameters to fit each customer
  • You can also offer each client the ability to manage their own store, and produces reports of respective stores for analysis
  • uStore provides a user-friendly, intuitive interface for a great customer experience

Run your stores effortlessly with an array of features to manage stores, products, orders and customers


Freeflow Workflow Automation Solution


Your workflow includes everything you do in your business every day to move jobs in, through, and out the door. When it comes to addressing the challenges your business is facing, your workflow is the perfect place to get the greatest return. The Fuji Xerox FreeFlow™ Digital Workflow Collection is an extensive portfolio of tools that will accelerate your business with a custom-blended, streamlined workflow created to fit your unique business needs.

FreeFlow™ solutions are designed to help you in three ways: connect with your customers, reduce costs through automation, and enable new applications that make you indispensable to your customers.

The workflow you use today and the vision that you have for the future are unique to the requirements of your shop. With FreeFlow™, we’ll help you make that vision a reality.


Connect: Shorten the distance between you and your customers

To become a strategic partner, you have to first remove anything standing between you and your customers. An online customer service portal can eliminate many of the barriers that make the printing process a hassle for your customers. Leverage the web to capture volume and build customer loyalty with an effective web presence

Convenience Builds Volume
Simplicity Builds Confidence

Enable a seamless Web-to-Print solution – provide a way for your customers to order printed materials, anytime, anywhere, via the internet.


> XMPie uStore


Reduce: Automate process steps to reduce costs

The challenges of readying or preparing jobs for print can be overwhelming – you’re faced with labor-intensive pre-press tasks and managing multiple software applications, yet your customers expect ever quicker turnarounds.

Fuji Xerox FreeFlow™ solutions can reduce your overall costs by introducing process automation into your business, increasing efficiency and accuracy and freeing up your experienced workers from common tasks. Process automation can reduce your costs in every step of the workflow cycle, from pre-press to printing to invoice.

Automated processes handle routine jobs automatically and allow you to re-use common workflows, saving time and letting you handle more jobs. Printer management software and digital front ends make your printer fleets work together most efficiently, even if you use a combination of offset and digital printing equipment.

By using FreeFlow™ products to eliminate previous bottlenecks, you’ll be free to pursue new clients and handle more aggressive jobs for your existing clients.


  • FreeFlow™ Express to Print
  • FreeFlow™ Core™
  • FreeFlow® Print Server


Workflow: Where does FreeFlow™ fit in?

In the digital era, the printing business is changing faster than ever. The demand for color documents is exploding. We’re seeing shorter and shorter runs. Customers are demanding jobs in hours instead of days. Diverse printing technologies such as offset, digital color, and monochrome all require unique workflow processes, resulting in file preparation bottlenecks. Personalized communications and marketing programs now require not simply a mail merge, but sophisticated cross media technologies such as print, email, and customized web sites.


Your customers are looking for a print service provider who knows how to overcome these challenges. Your workflow is the perfect place to focus your attention to get the greatest return. By helping you:

  • Connect with your customers 24 hours a day
  • Reduce costs by automating your common processes
  • Enable new services like personalization

Fuji Xerox FreeFlow™ solutions will help you become a true strategic partner to your customers.


Fuji Xerox FreeFlow™ Workflow Solutions

FreeFlow™ offerings integrate easily into your current workflow and give you the freedom and flexibility to create a custom-blended workflow that will help you connect with your customers, reduce costs through automation, and enable new applications

Corporate Print Room Solution / Simple Workflow Automation Solution
Freeflow Core

Xerox® FreeFlow Core A browser-based solution that intelligently automates and integrates the processing of print jobs, from file preparation to final production, for a touchless workflow that operates easily, adapts effortlessly, scales quickly and delivers consistently

FreeFlow Core is made up of three modules

  • The FreeFlow Core base software offering provides the creation of linear workflows for job conversion, preflight, imposition, save and unlimited print support. It also includes full job management, workflow connectivity with Hot Folders and JDF along with user authentication and management.
  • The FreeFlow Advanced Prepress optional module incorporates all of FreeFlow Core base software plus the following Workflow Components: Manage Color, Barcodes, Pressmarks, Watermarks, Page Numbering, Resize Pages, Rotate Pages, Insert Pages, Delete Pages & Join
  • Advanced Automation builds on the base software and Advanced Prepress to provide advanced routing and decision making capabilities, ensuring the customer can seamlessly produce hundreds of different and complex jobs per day, while integrating with their existing workflows and MIS systemsPhoto RGB rendering leader (RGB workflow), No Conversion / RGB Emulation, Smooth skin tones, better skies, natural color


  • Delight Your Customers – A lightweight (easyto-use), secure solution that easily connects into a print shop; ease of integration
  • Produce More Jobs – Increased productivity and profitability that helps customers produce more jobs in less time: easy setup and go workflows
  • Grow Your Business – Spend less time setting
  • up and processing jobs and more time generating
  • new business opportunities
  • Reduce your Costs – Low-cost, simple- to-use
  • process management tool that improves operational efficiency, allowing establishments of all sizes to move jobs through the print shop without the increase in labor and time


  • Connect all your digital investments to reduce your costs
  • Configurable and adaptive workflows, to speed through jobs
  • A setup-and-go solution that’s easy to use—and customize
  • Seamless integration with your current workflows
  • Modular, scalable and affordable for any size operation



FreeFlow™ Express to Print

FreeFlow™ Express to Print uses a simple, visual interface and predefined templates to simplify and automate prepress job preparation


  • Delivers exceptional value at an affordable price, tailored specifically for print operations looking to automate prepress and job preparation quickly and easily
  • Easy to use – even easier to install, without the configuration or server requirements of most other workflow solutions
  • Increases your productivity through automation of frequently-repeated jobs, complex print jobs, and routine job preparation tasks
  • Visual, logical, simple interface lets even novice users become experts quickly – intuitive design accelerates operator use and minimizes required training
  • Saves time and resources by ensuring each job will print correctly the first time, with on-screen graphical representations
  • Save time and ensure consistent output by automatically converting your files to PDF


  • View/edit job ticketing and prepress functions ensure accuracy before submitting to print
  • Drag-and-drop icons let you quickly and easily add tabs, inserts, covers, page exceptions, page numbering, watermarks, and bar codes
  • Sleek and simple, highly visual graphical interface displays the complete job on-screen (soft proof) with multiple views – reader spreads, printer spreads, or page view
  • Create customized labeled tabs quickly and easily with formatting and style features that automatically embed information into the job ticket
  • Virtual printer converts native file formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PostScript®, EPS, and RDO into PDFs automatically as soon as they are opened
  • Accelerates jobs to Fuji Xerox digital printers via automated workflows
  • Increases productivity through predefined templates which reduce the steps required to program common print jobs, such as business cards, brochures, post cards, books, and manuals. Industry-specific kits for Legal and Education provide a custom installation with templates specialized to the industry.
  • Includes color optimization and image enhancement, maximizing print quality and consistency

Key Application

  • Print operations looking to automate prepress and job preparation quickly, easily, and cost-effectively
  • Over 50 predefined industry templates for automatic prepress and file preparation
  • Business Cards
  • Booklets
  • Calendars
  • Postcards
  • Posters

FreeFlow® Print Server

FreeFlow® Print Server is an intuitive, easy-to-use print server that delivers unparalleled flexibility, advanced workflow operability, and state-of-the-art color management for Fuji Xerox production printers.


  • Delivers unparalleled flexibility, advanced workflow operability, and state-of-the-art color management for Fuji Xerox production printers
  • Reduces training costs with a simple, intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Streamlines, organizes, and optimizes your entire workflow of printers
  • Designed for use in Graphic Arts environments
  • Easy to use – intuitive user interface makes job submission easy for casual users as well as trained operators
  • Boosts the revenue-generating potential of your Fuji Xerox digital press by enabling variable data capabilities, enhanced color control, and efficient job management


  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) makes job processing as simple as click, drag, and drop
  • Powerful job control allows you to hold, interrupt, proof, reprogram, and forward jobs from the interface to maximize print engine productivity
  • Multiple queues are available for programming so that you only have to set up a job once
  • Processes JDF job tickets through hot folders to better plan, schedule, and execute job deliveries
  • Imposition support for both static and variable data streams (including VIPP®, PPML, PDF, PostScript®, and PCL5c)
  • Support of native file format avoids file conversion and loss of data
  • ConfidentColor technology provides built-in color controls right out of the box, and can be refined and fine-tuned for individual preferences
  • Enhances your productivity by using your entire printer fleet, including color and monochrome, cut sheet and continuous feed, digital and offset, to ensure peak performance for every print job
  • Outstanding variable data capabilities let you efficiently compose complex VI jobs with sophisticated formats and graphic elements
  • Preflight and preview capabilities save time and reduce errors
  • Protects your sensitive data with multiple security levels, encrypted job-submission modes, and secure passwords

1 to 1 marketing Solution

XMPie offers a full range of software solutions for variable-data publishing

XMPie provides powerful, variable data publishing software that unites customer databases and creative content to help print service providers, marketing service firms, and small-to-medium sized businesses and enterprises, leverage on customer data and create personalized, multiphase campaigns that use today’s communication vehicles including print, web, e-mail, and mobile.

XMPie offers many software solutions, both licensed and cloud-based, for a diversity of customer types and sizes. Many types of businesses, servicing numerous vertical markets can use XMPie software to increase efficiency, lower costs, enhance productivity, broaden their offerings, and grow their businesses. From print service providers to marketing service providers to in-plant operations to enterprises, XMPie has solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer type. Additionally, because the XMPie line of products is modular and scalable, the software can grow with our customers to meet their future business needs as well.

The portfolio of XMPie products and services can be broken up into three main categories – desktop Creative Tools, licensed Turn-Key and Enterprise server solutions, and subscription-based Hosted and Cloud solutions.

The desktop Creative Tools product line offers service providers a gateway to enter the world of variable data print (VDP), or upgrade from a competing desktop VDP solution that lacks ease-of-use and sophisticated capabilities. The server line not only increases capacity by offloading production tasks to a server, but also adds capabilities that would require a server environment, such as Web-to-print, PURLs, personalised email, production automation and other related functionality. The server line comes in two flavours, Turn-Key Systems that can run on a single server, and bespoke Enterprise Platform Solutions that can scale across multiple servers and even run in fault-tolerant modes..

Direct® Creative Tools (Desktop)

XMPie uDirect is available in three configurations, uDirect Classic, uDirect Studio and uDirect Video. Both uDirect Classic and uDirect Studio are ideal for customers who are either new to VDP and looking for a low-risk entry point, or customers that have a low volume of work to produce variably. uDirect Studio extends the capabilities of uDirect Classic by adding the ability to incorporate personalised images and graphics as well as dynamic tables and charts to the print, which is described in more detail below.

uDirect Video is an analogous to uDirect Classic in that it is a tool to create data-driven templates, however instead of building templates for print, uDirect Video is used to create video templates and produces dynamic videos as the output. uImage can be used in conjunction with uDirect Video to incorporate personalised images within the video just as uDirect Studio can with print.

The uDirect line works on both the Mac and Windows PC platforms and integrates seamlessly with Adobe® Creative Suite® 5, 5.5 and 6. The user interface of uDirect Classic and uDirect Studio is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese. The user interface of uDirect Video is available in English.

uDirect Classic

uDirect Classic is an easy-to-use desktop solution for quickly creating personalised print campaigns using InDesign and flat data files. Designers adept at using Adobe InDesign® will immediately be productive with uDirect Classic because it includes a plug-in, uCreate® Print Standard, that seamlessly integrates with InDesign. This allows users to leverage the full creative capabilities of the design tool for static elements as well as dynamic, data-driven elements, such as text, text on a path, images, transparency effects, character styles, layer visibility, and many more. Additionally, because users are working natively in InDesign, WYSIWYG previews of the finished document, including the dynamic elements, can be viewed at any stage during the design process.

After an InDesign document has been connected to a data file using the plug-in, all field headers, such as first name, address, email, etc., are immediately loaded into the palette and are ready to be inserted into the document any place variable design elements are desired. The basic logic is automatic therefore no programming is required. If conditional (if/then) logic is needed, a graphical Rule Editor is accessible from the palette and allows designers to quickly build rules using drop-down menus. Simple dynamic tables can also be created using the Rule Editor to relate two data files together.

After the document has been tagged with the variable objects, creation of the output file is controlled using the plug-in. When generating the output file, print parameters are specified including output format, output location, step-and-repeat settings, bleed settings, and many more. For ultimate flexibility, uDirect Classic supports press-optimized output to all industry-standard VI formats.

uDirect Studio

uDirect Studio builds on the extensive capabilities provided with uDirect Classic by including two additional components, uImage® and uChart®. uImage allows designers to build personalised image templates using Adobe Fuji Xerox Confidential 7

Photoshop® or personalised graphic templates using Adobe Illustrator®. uImage templates can be very sophisticated, even allowing Photoshop actions to be automatically executed to create graphically complex effects. uCreate Print and uImage work in conjunction to sequentially render personalised images for each record in the data file and automatically incorporates the unique image back into the variable template as a dynamic image. uChart enables data-driven charts and graphs to be easily created and customised from within the InDesign environment. Using uDirect Studio, a designer can produce graphically rich documents individualised to each recipient using a single easy-to-use desktop solution for variable data print.

uDirect Video

uDirect Video makes it possible to efficiently create and render personalised videos that incorporate motion-picture graphics and cinematic-quality visual effects. The XMPie video personalisation solution is integrated with the industry-leading video production software, Adobe After Effects®, to provide a familiar environment to video professionals. Together, using uDirect Video and After Effects, users can generate personalised videos, which can be incorporated into one-to-one, multichannel campaigns, or used in any way standalone videos are currently used. When used in conjunction with an effective cross-media campaign, personalised videos can dramatically improve response rates and promote viral marketing.

uDirect Video is comprised of two components. The first component, uCreate Video, is a plug-in to Adobe After Effects and provides the ability to link to a data file, build a data-driven video template, and create an optimized package called a MovieSet™, which contains all the information necessary to generate the series of dynamic videos. The second component, uRender™, is a desktop application that takes the compact MovieSet file and renders unique personalised videos for each recipient or segment.

Server Solutions

XMPie server solutions are available in a variety of configurations; each designed to accommodate the type of work, and the volume of jobs that the customer produces. The server line can be divided into two main categories, PersonalEffect Turn-Key Systems and Enterprise Platforms.

The Turn-Key Systems are single-server solutions geared towards SMB (Small to Medium Business) customers whose volume of work requires the scale of server-level production, or has needs that can only be performed by a dedicated server. These needs can include producing large volumes of variable data print output, managing Web-to-print sites, providing marketing portals, sending personalised email, serving dynamic PURLs and more. Each of the Turn-Key configurations is an out-of-the-box solution that includes all the tools necessary to accommodate the business cases most frequently needed by our customers. In the event a customer requires additional capabilities not included with an off-the-shelf Turn-Key System, add-on modules can be purchased separately and added to any configuration.

The Enterprise Platforms are multi-server solutions geared towards larger companies or enterprises that require high-volume server production or fault-tolerant configurations. Enterprise Systems are intended to be customised specific to the unique needs of each company. Two base systems, Enterprise Print and Enterprise Cross Media, are the foundations for bespoke configurations. Depending on the requirements of the customer, add-on components can be added a la carte to build out a final configuration accommodating the volume and type of work done by that specific customer. Fuji Xerox Confidential 9

PersonalEffect® Turn-Key Systems

PersonalEffect Print

PersonalEffect Print is a standalone configuration for print service providers who don’t immediately need Web-to-print or cross-media capabilities, however do require the ability to process a large volume of dynamic print documents, which exceeds the volume efficiently produced on the desktop. Additionally, PersonalEffect Print allows customers to connect to diverse and complex data structures, connect to multiple data sources, and create programmatically sophisticated campaign logic. Furthermore, PersonalEffect Print supports collaborative teamwork when implementing dynamic print campaigns by allowing the separation of design, data, logic and production. All necessary elements come together the moment the output files are created.

This Turn-Key solution includes all the tools necessary to create and manage a large library of dynamic document templates and allows customers to produce a high volume of programmatically complex variable data output. PersonalEffect Print includes: uCreate Print for setting up document templates in InDesign, uPlan® for connecting to complex data structures and writing sophisticated logic driving variability, and a uProduce® server for managing templates and the production of press-ready files. The uProduce server included with PersonalEffect Print uses the XLIM document format and composition engine developed by XMPie to provide an affordable yet capable solution.

PersonalEffect Print Pro

PersonalEffect Print Pro includes all the features of PersonalEffect Print and extends the capabilities by including an additional composition engine based on an Adobe InDesign Server. The InDesign Server allows for the production of more graphically complex dynamic output. For customers who work with variable documents that have more sophisticated design elements, utilize all of InDesign’s advanced text properties or require strict color management through ICC profiles, the InDesign Server included with PersonalEffect Print Pro will provide greater creative freedom.

PersonalEffect StoreFlow®

PersonalEffect StoreFlow is a standalone, end-to-end e-commerce and production automation solution for print service providers managing Web-to-print sites and marketing portals. StoreFlow merges XMPie’s powerful Web-to-print capabilities with the flexible pre-press automation of Xerox® FreeFlow® Connect to provide a complete, out-of-the-box solution. StoreFlow and FreeFlow Connect seamlessly work in conjunction to provide a complete, end-to-end workflow for receiving, processing, producing, and fulfilling orders received online. With StoreFlow, service providers can provide a user-friendly online storefront where print buyers can browse a catalog of products, upload documents, customise products, and submit orders any time of day.

StoreFlow then uses FreeFlow Connect to automate time-consuming pre-press tasks such as complex imposition, positioning crop marks and color bars, applying watermarks, inserting static pages, and other labor-intensive tasks. Additionally, StoreFlow passes along a JDF job ticket with each order allowing production facilities who use JDF-compliant devices to gain from the Fuji Xerox Confidential 10 benefits of greater automation, speed, cost-efficiency and ease-of-use. By lowering the costs associated with acquiring new work and other overhead costs, print service providers will realize better margins, be more competitive, and better serve their customers using StoreFlow.

This Turn-Key solution includes all the tools necessary to get profitable Web-to-print sites up and running quickly as well as all of the backend capabilities required to easily manage the storefronts, product catalogs, production workflow and order management. StoreFlow includes: uCreate Print for setting up document templates in InDesign, uPlan for connecting to complex data structures and writing sophisticated logic when needed, a uProduce server for managing templates and the production of press-ready files, uStore® providing both the customer-facing storefronts as well as the backend management, and the FreeFlow Automation add-on providing advanced production automation.

The uProduce server included with StoreFlow uses the XLIM document format and composition engine developed by XMPie to provide an affordable yet capable solution.

PersonalEffect StoreFlow Pro

PersonalEffect StoreFlow Pro includes all the features of StoreFlow and extends the capabilities by including an additional composition engine based on an Adobe InDesign Server. The InDesign Server allows for the production of more graphically complex dynamic output. For customers who work with variable documents that have more sophisticated design elements, utilize all of InDesign’s advanced text properties or require strict color management through ICC profiles, the InDesign Server included with StoreFlow Pro will provide greater creative freedom.

PersonalEffect TransMedia®

PersonalEffect TransMedia is an all-in-one solution enabling service providers to create, manage and monitor multichannel one-to-one campaigns. Using TransMedia, customers can more efficiently build complex campaigns because the fully integrated solution controls all touch points across all media: print, email, Web and SMS. Shared resources, such as the campaign logic driving variability, digital assets and data, are all managed at the campaign level, which guarantees complete synchronisation of messaging regardless of the channel delivering the communication. Additionally, because TransMedia controls the creation and delivery of each touch point, detailed tracking and response information is gathered and added to the existing recipient data providing a complete profile of each person including their behaviours. This level of granularity allows users to create detailed reports providing invaluable feedback to their customers. By performing campaign analysis, their customers will have added insight into recipient behaviours and be able to calculate valuable metrics and ROI.

This Turn-Key solution includes all the tools necessary create and manage personalised, cross-media communications using a single all-in-one solution. TransMedia includes: uCreate Print for InDesign and uCreate XM for Dreamweaver to set up document templates for print, email, SMS and the Web, uPlan to connect to complex data structures and writing sophisticated logic, a uProduce server to manage templates, produce press-ready files, send email and serve personalised Web pages, and PersonalEffect Analytics to track and monitor campaign performance as well as provide detailed Fuji Xerox Confidential 11

reporting and analytics capabilities. The uProduce server included with TransMedia uses the XLIM document format and composition engine developed by XMPie to provide an affordable yet capable solution.

PersonalEffect TransMedia Pro

PersonalEffect TransMedia Pro includes all the features of TransMedia and extends the capabilities by including an additional composition engine based on an Adobe InDesign Server. The InDesign Server allows for the production of more graphically complex dynamic output. For customers who work with variable documents that have more sophisticated design elements, utilize all of InDesign’s advanced text properties or require strict color management through ICC profiles, the InDesign Server included with TransMedia Pro will provide greater creative freedom.