Why Fuji Xerox Global Services?

Why Fuji Xerox Global Services?

Many customers in various industries have evaluated and selected Fuji Xerox’s Document Outsourcing Services because of its world-wide presence and sophisticated process which enable globally standardized service delivery.
Our knowledge and experience accumulated by working with our customers will help us contribute further to the customer’s business.


More Than 10 Years’ Experience in Document Outsourcing Services

At the first establishment, Fuji Xerox started the leasing of copiers as a rental service provider.
Since then Fuji Xerox has accumulated its experience in providing office machines and various types of related services.
In 2007, Fuji Xerox newly built the department of Global Services (as for Xerox Corporation in US, in 2001), and started to provide more comprehensive document outsourcing services to meet customers’ changing needs.
Cooperation of Xerox and Fuji Xerox are always generating values and experience, resulting in excellent assistance to solve customer business operation.



Providing Services with Global Standard

Xerox and Fuji Xerox are providing the services in more than 160 countries over the world. We have 15,000 service professionals and are monitoring devices globally. Our service organization and global standard enable the same level of services regardless the place or location.



Continues Improvements with Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a management method that combines lean production method to remove inefficiencies and six sigma to establish high quality business processes by controlling variations in tasks. It helps continuous improvements by minimizing mistakes to improve customer satisfaction. Fuji Xerox Global Services continuously contributes to solve customer’s issues using Lean Six Sigma method.