Variabel Data Publishing Solution

Cross over to real cross-selling power by leveraging variable data printing to add personalized customer promotions to your monthly transactional documents. Transactional interactions with customers can become a new marketing vehicle, increasing revenues and improving customer relationships.

Market Opportunities:

  • Transform statements, bills, and invoices into high-value marketing tools to up-sell or cross-promote products and services
  • Studies show that 80% of new business comes from existing customers – variable data printers can drive business and profits by adding targeted promotional messages to bills, statements, and invoices
  • Adding a marketing message to a monthly statement can have a huge effect – 98% of users read their statements once, and 85% read them twice. Messages included in the statement have a much higher impact than traditional stuffers that are often discarded


  • Is an advanced tool that can unleash the productivity of your staff as they provide sophisticated and complex variable data applications such as transactional documents (bills, statements, policies). Semi-UI and full programming capability, Semi-UI and full programming capability.
  • Offers sophisticated imaging features—MicroText Mark, CorrelationMark, Infrared Text and FluorescentMark Text ( Color Product)
  • Offers sophisticated imaging features—MicroText Mark, CorrelationMark ( mono Products)

Benefits include:

  • An advanced tool that can unleash the creativity of your customer’s staff to customize layouts, directly query databases and provide sophisticated “if/then” logic to satisfy even the most complex data extraction
  • customer can create a wide range of complex personalized communications including transactional documents such as bills, statements, policies and trans-promotional documents
  • Produce most VI documents at rated speeds, keeping productivity high. & Increase response rates and profits by adding special offers and promotions.
  • With special imaging technology provided with FreeFlow VI Suite — MicroText Mark, CorrelationMark, Infrared Text and FluorescentMark Text —the VI Suite is ideal for producing documents that need to be protected against counterfeiting or tampering
  • Produce most VI documents at rated speeds, keeping productivity high. & Increase response rates and profits by adding special offers and promotions.
  • Reduce cost of maintaining inventory of preprinted forms and reduce waste associated with outdated forms.

 Types of Transactional Promotional:


Retail Statements:
Monthly billing statements provide the perfect opportunity to cross-sell to retail customers with targeted, individual promotions based on past purchases.

  • publishing2Transform a mission-critical expense – statement printing – into a revenue-generating opportunity
  • Cut postal expenses by combining direct mail and statement mailings
  • Strengthen relationships with existing customers and partners

Integrate the customer information in your company databases – buying history, product preferences, demographics – with your regular billing statements to offer your existing customers personalized promotions.

With variable data printing and Fuji Xerox digital presses, create billing statements where you can up-sell or cross-promote products and services, or sell ad space to valued business partners. Integrate color to capture attention and increase effectiveness.

Financial Statements:
Use monthly portfolio statements to introduce and cross-promote specific investment products to customers based on their life situation and financial needs.

  • publishing3Combine finely targeted marketing messages with required monthly financial statements
  • Investment needs vary greatly based on age, life situation, and preferences
  • Educate existing customers on new products and services that will fit their individual needs

Transform financial statements into personalized marketing vehicles. Leverage your knowledge of your customers’ investment histories and preferences to offer specific products that meet their individual needs every time you send a financial statement.

Increase the impact of your financial printing by combining Fuji Xerox digital presses, finishing solutions, and document automation software that integrates variable data into simple, effective document layouts

Telecom Statements:
Few customers purchase all of their phone, Internet, and cable services from the same provider – target existing customers for additional services in their monthly statements.


  • Strengthen relationships with current customers by promoting additional Telecom services and products on printed invoices and statements
  • Print high volumes of transactional statements in tight print windows with the confidence of full document integrity
  • Accelerate payment and revenue collection while promoting new products and services

By combining targeted, individualized marketing messages with regular telecom billing statements, your monthly billing cycle can be transformed into monthly customer promotions. Integrated end-to-end solutions, that include services, software, controllers, print engines, and finishing, deliver productive printing, high image quality, and efficient workflows.

Workflow software integrates transactional data with design layouts in your telecom billing statements to ensure creative effectiveness and maximum impact for both statement and marketing needs