Personalized Document Solutions

FreeFlow™ Variable Information Suite

FreeFlow™ Variable Information Suite offers a powerful portfolio of tools for maximum production efficiency of variable data print and electronic presentment. The design tools in the FreeFlow™ VI Suite can emit PDF or VIPP files, so users can select the best output option to meet their needs.


  • Delight customers with dynamic, personalized documents that grab more attention and generate better results
  • Grow your business with the power of personalization and maximize productivity
  • Produce more jobs by delivering variable data pieces at the fastest possible speed while increasing response rates dramatically
  • Choose either PDF or print output, based on your needs for speed, flexibility and cost
  • Leverage one set of tools to support all of your variable applications – hardcopy print or electronic, color or monochrome, Fuji Xerox or non-Fuji Xerox print devices
  • Make the most of your investment with training, programming, and support services from the experts in the Fuji Xerox Solutions Enablement Team (SET)


  • VI Design Express is an Adobe® InDesign® plug-in that enables template design that can include variable text, images and layers, with a choice of output formats including PDF, VPC and VPP
  • VI Design Pro is an advanced tool that can unleash the productivity of your staff as they provide sophisticated and complex variable data applications such as transactional documents (bills, statements, policies)
  • VI Compose is a robust composition tool that resides on your printer and constructs your jobs with optimum efficiency. VI Compose utilizes dynamic document construction, eliminating the need for time-consuming pre-composition.
  • VI eCompose seamlessly composes PDF files from the same data you send to print. VI eCompose supports PDF interactive features and Adobe job security options, and enables you to split master PDFs into child PDF files that can be moved to the next step in your workflow process (CRM, archiving, etc.).
  • The VI Suite components can enable Fuji Xerox specialty imaging text, which provides easy and affordable ways to add unique features to your documents

Key Application

Enhances print applications for all print service providers, data centers, and in-plants, to enable:

  • 1:1 full color documents – from simple to sophisticated
  • Personalized communications for print and electronic viewing, digital archiving, web presentment, and more
  • Marketing messages that add relevancy and boost response rates on transactional documents
  • Booklets
  • Business cards
  • Postcards
  • Posters